IF taking up all my storage

Infinite Flight is taking up all of my iCloud storage on my iPad. What can I do to solve this?

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I would suggest deleting some apps you don’t use anymore also lower your settings.

Is it using up your iCloud, or your iPad storage? They’re 2 completely different entities and the process for clearing these are different.

Goto settings > general and check your phones memory used and available.

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I already did that.

It’s taking up my iCloud storage. I’m using an iPad.

I beg your pardon, iPad. So you have iCloud settings in your menus. Goto that and turn it off. Simple fix.

I’m running an iPad 2018 and dont have any issues.

It’s taking up 4,60 Go’s of iCloud storage

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What do I turn off?


Apple ID > iCloud > scroll down until you see IF and simply turn it off.

Or, goto settings and search iCloud. Will bring up the same screen I navigated to manually.

But will it still save the IF memory which I have? I mean, I don’t want to lose all of my replays.

It should save to your device, you need to make the decision of what is more important.

Your device memory, iCloud storage or seeing old replays.

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Thanks for your help mate :)

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