IF Takes Up Too Much Battery

Okay, so I’m playing on a 16GB iPhone 6, and Infinite Flight is a true battery sucker. I looked at my battery usage in settings, and it says that in the last 7 days, IF has taken up 32% of my battery (never fully charged). It’s the #1 app that causes loss of battery percentage. Does anyone know how I can make this app take up less battery? Because I do like to fly a lot, and I want to be able to fly longer.

You are playing a 3D flight simulator on a mobile phone … while we are always doing our best to make Infinite Flight more efficient there is so much we can do. Most 3D games will use your battery very quickly.


Even if it drains a lot of battery, the time playing is so worth while.


You’re definitely right about that. :D

Limit the quality to help on processing. Adjust the screen brightness can make a world of difference.And make sure you fully exit out so it is not polling in the background.




It sucks a lot of my iPhone 6+ battery.

However all of my aviation related apps except for PlaneFinder and FR24 don’t suck battery.

As much as Apple may claim their devices have lots of power, they do not last long when playing complex and large sims like Infinite Flight.

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If we all complain about battery life for 3D graphics, on next update we might get just A320 name tag, we have to fly with that. 🙊

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I use it on my Samsung galaxy s3 (an older model) and it works fine.

I’m actually surprised with the performance on my iPhone 5S. Yes, the battery does drain pretty quickly, but not as much as some other online games (like Modern Combat 5). Infinite Flight doesn’t seem to be sucking up my data plan as much as I thought it would.

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getta mophie :) the new water proof one so u can play underwater or the reg one, they work fine too :D

@Natzoo: I think you need a waterproof phone to play underwater too ;).

All: That said, yes although a Mophie spacepack may be a tad pricey, it could potentially solve your problems. That said, it would be nice if the devs could at least try to bring up the battery life of the app a tad.

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It’s a 3D game + it’s a really really powerful game. Tips

Turn off Bluetooth, hotspot, and close open apps, also turn your brightness a bit down.

yea but i always used mophie, on my 5 and 6+ i just find it a thing i really need.

That is because we care about your data plan … those are part of the multitude of little things that happens behind the scene with every update but then we get toasted because no smoke or buildings ;)


Philippe. I don’t think people appreciate the work you, Matt, and Rg do a lot of the time. It’s invisible to them, yet because of the efforts of the dev team they are not having a heart attack when they get their monthly data bill. @philippe

I feel for you somehow…

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Yeah I agree, jus be great full that infinite flight had got to where it is right now, it’s a really powerful good game, I do appreciate the devs for making infinite flight to where it is now

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Battery is drained fast because the file is compressed to make it as small as possible,so more people can play. I’m not too bothered about my iPad 4’s power, it is usually between 70-100% when I use it (because I don’t have much time in mornings or during the day until about 5) and it will go to about 40% then I just turn it off and charge it and so my own thing