IF system drain?

It would be nice if we had a way to manually adjust the cache size…hint hint for update lol

Can you confirm that you get the lag when it is just IF running. Not running IF Pax or other 3rd part IF add ons. There may be too much data but we need to rule out that other apps are taking the bandwidth.

I rebooted the iPad, made sure the RAM was clear (hard reboot) and ran IF alone for 12-hours…identical result.

The thing is, i’m running a Pro 9.7 that have slightly lower performance than yours… and i don’t experience this at all tbh. Usually only running IF.

During testing, i did see some minor lag when the cache (or was it RAM usage?) was emptied… but that was loooong ago.

Here is a snapshot of my logged time. I only took the relevant part.IMG_0689IMG_0689

Don’t make me call Apple lol

Haha. We all know you might as well call Walmart.

I’ll see if i can try to repro this in some manner. The only thing i can think of, and that i know of that IF does intermittently is updating weather and purging cache. Unless iOS have some funky stuff going on… which wouldn’t come as a surprise.

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Sometimes, turning off the iPad helps much! Try it!

Personally, I do not think it is a storage problem.

I run Infinite flight with very high settings with less than 1 GB of storage free on my iPhone 6s. It always works perfectly. (Knock on wood)

My guess is its an internet problem. Hope this helps.

I was able to reach out to the tier two of AppleCare. The agent noted that my RAM runs at 80%+ on my iPad Pro, at idle. They are looking into the issue, as it was never noted earlier, per the rep. The other iPad Pro (Older generation) has the same issue. They’ve escalated the issue for review.

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That’s slow internet?

That’s most probably your issue. If your ram is already being used at 80% or more while not doing anything, then think about… IF and IFPAX? Hopefully Apple will get that resolved for you.

On a side note, I have the same iPad Pro 12.9” that you have, and I’ve never experienced this before. Same WiFi speeds as you, and I tried repro with a 4 hours flight, and I was unable.

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What’s repro mean, as shown here?

Reproduce. Trying to get something to happen again win the same conditions as before.

Just for kicks and giggles, can you please attempt an overnight flight? Let me know via reply here if you have issues when you wake up with lag. Just pick a plane and airport, that’s irrelevant. Fill it with enough fuel to last 10 hours and see if it can handle it. I look forward to your response.

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Will do boss, I’m just going to continue my flight that is on then. 5.5 hours remaining

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I did a 13 hour flight with nothing running in the background and right when I was in the Mexican region (EDDF-MMMX not sure if that could help) I start to experience severe lag, which would lead to the app freezing for a couple of secs then go back to being normal.

iPhone 7+
IOS 11.2
Lastest Verison of IF
6.96Gbs of available storage.

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Hmm very interesting. I have been staring at my iPad for almost 8 hours now and no lag yet. The freezing is a known issue. I want Kenny to try updating your OS then try again. It’s possible iOS 11.2.1/5 has some performance changes.

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