IF system drain?

I flew from SFO to MCO today on my iPad Pro 12.9 while on wifi (gigabit connection). The only two apps that were running were IF Pax and IF. I disabled all background refreshing, except for those two apps. About 1/2 way through the flight, IF started to lag a bit. Then, upon a tricky landing (bigger lag with IF), I noticed that IF Pax did not capture the flight correctly. I believe IF still uses too much processor/RAM to effectively run. I have all the settings set to be as efficient as possible. Can IF be throttled to use less RAM/processor power? Thoughts?


Do you have at least 1GB of storage space?

I have the 512GB version, which has 420GB left.


Also, make sure you have a strong internet connection (might need to reset router of this was the case), and maybe you should uninstall and reinstall IF, just to be sure.

I had the same problems today.

The internet connection gives me 947MB/s down and 62 MB/s up. IF is a pretty new installation.

This issue has been ongoing for me, ever since Global launched. Perhaps the amount of stored data on the devices needs to be reduced dramatically?

I have a iPhone 6s with 35.81gb avalible, WIFI is working fine. Had the same problems this morning. Could it have been the server. I had problems from 12:00-17:00ZULU

Edit: I was on the Training server

It might just be the servers. What server were you on @Dan_Steele?

I have used these two apps simultaneously since pax launched. The problem started with global. I think we are putting too much of a hit on the processor/ram of the devices and need to decrease the amount of data stored on the devices to allow them to function normally. For example, even the basic system functions of the iPad are severely reduced while using IF.

Usually training, sometimes Expert…depends on my mood. The training ATC need the practice, so I usually go with them. I am almost grade four.

Ok we have a few things going on. First off try a flight without any other add on apps running and see how it

Lagging can be network/server related since TS1 has been busy this week with the holidays.


Maybe it’s because Training was overloaded with people dropping Expert.

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I have seen the solution of restarting your device before flying come up before, I haven’t tested it myself though.

This issue didn’t start recently. This issue started with the launch of Global. The lag on the iPad is incredible. I really think the app is pushing too much date to the device. This is not taking enough away to allow the processor/ram to compensate (drop the unused data).

I literally rebooted the iPad four times today. Unfortunately, that is not helping.

Bummer, have you messed around with any IF settings to help fight the lag?

I reduced all the settings to the lowest I can find and even disabled a lot of the functions, as possible. Rendering is even at the lowest. The issue is not on the device itself, that’s for sure. I firmly believe it’s the amount of data being stored from the stream. We need to dramatically reduce the data stream retention.

The cache size is somewhere around 200mb, so i doubt that’s the problem.

Would surely be interesting to know what’s causing it though. Have you tried with any other 3rd party app like IF-A? Could be IF Pax that’s causing it.

For the purpose of my own sanity, I only had IF running last week. I purposely ran it on a 12-hour flight. The same thing happened. Perhaps the cache needs to be brought down to 100mb and see if that helps? I know that I am not the only person with this issue.