IF Sudden stopped working

Good evening or not good evening

Im so shocked right now, I was planning to do a flight just now, like it’s my normal daily routine but as soon opened Infinite Flight it just keeps closing/crashing and i dont know what the reason is without even getting to the carry your passion page.
It was literally working beautifully yesterday’s flight and the day before and the all the days before doing flights but suddenly today this happened I never thought I would be typing this right now and I thought I’d be doing my flight right now, I’m now worried because I was so excited for the Addis Ababa Fly In this Sunday, I already restarted my device and I have tried opening it multiple several times and it’s still closing otherwise The app only takes up 10.39gb of storage currently and I have more than enough space to run the app and I’m afraid if I uninstall and reinstall the app or even clear data I will lose all my precious replays and logbook etc and have to redownload all planes, Im still in disbelief because after how amazing it was running yesterday and all the other days then this happens.
Lastly I haven’t changed anything or installed anything on my device from yesterday and the days before so really wonder what caused this.

All happened today after no problems before

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Try restarting your phone :)

I appreciate your message but it didn’t work after I tried restarting

Force restart?

I did a normal restart

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If you are going to reinstall, try exporting all replays, and i know the logbook will still be there as long as your ifc account is linked to IF.

Try a force restart then.

The thing is I the app is crashing before I get into the first loading screen

Try the force restart.

Okay let me try

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It didn’t work, but thank you very much

Try closing all the apps in the background,

Everything is closed in background

And still not working? Try clearing device cache.

still not working

Don’t get your hopes down!

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Force restart is not necessary if you’re able to use the normal safe restart

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i feel like you deleting the app would be the only option but im sure you would not want that…

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That’s true, but sadly all my replays with all the amazing flights ive done (100+) will be lost and ill have to start from scratch, do you think there is any way to get them back or its over

unfortunately i do not know how to stop the replays from being deleted i feel your pain though i’ve had hundreds of good flights and landings but i’ve gotten a similar problem like you and deleting it was the only way

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