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So, I recently recovered my old account, i logged it into my new one, but my stats from my old one arent there, so i cancelled the subscription on my new one, and i rebought my subscription on my old one. Is there any way to unlink my subscription with my IFC account?


Yes, there is a way to unlink your IFC Account from your subscription. I attached a few screenshots below to outline the steps.

Let us know if you need any more assistance.

Thanks, that worked but now i cant link my new phone to my IFC account because i still have the subscription active. I guess i will have to wait it out until my subscription goes away.

Are you using an iOS/iPad OS (Apple) device?

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Yes @Z-Tube i am using a iPhone 6, the other phone is my dads iPhone 7.


If you can, please sign out of your Apple ID that you used to purchase your previous account.

Once you are signed out of that account Apple ID, sign in to the one used to purchase the new subscription and click “Revert to default account” (shown in the images below). That should allow you to link your IFC Account to the new subscription.

Negative, I have my subscription on my OLD phone, I got it today, and i cancelled my subscription on my NEW phone, i did it to regain my old stats so i can get to grade 3 easier and i will have all my old ATC operations.

Edit: Can i sign out of my new thing to do this or not?

Edit 2: By the way, thank you so much for helping me @Z-Tube :)

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Sorry, I’m not quite sure I understand.

You had an iPhone 6 which previously had your subscription but are now using an iPhone 7 in which you activated your pre-existing subscription and then canceled it because your stats weren’t showing?

So, @Z-Tube, I have a iPhone 6, that is mine, i bought a new subscription for my iPhone 6 because I didn’t realise i could link it, I then bought a new subscription on my Dad’s iPhone 7 which had all of my stats, then linked it to my IFC acc. Then i cancelled my subscription on my iPhone 6 and then tried to log into my iPhone 7’s subscription, however as i have a active subscription, i couldnt do it, is there any way to cheese this or do i need to wait? I was planning on logging into the subscription of my Dad’s phone on my iPhone 6. do you get it now?

Ah, okay. I understand now. My apologies.

I don’t see a reason as to why you wouldn’t be able to if you use the proper Apple ID accounts (I assume you have one and your dad has one).

If that’s the case, logging out of the Apple ID with the subscription you no longer want and using the Apple ID with the subscription you do want should work.

If not, I’m not sure I know a remedy besides waiting for the canceled subscription to expire (as you suggested).

In the event that the issue persists after that, your best bet would likely be to wait for a staff member (Cam or Seb) to reply and ask you for more information (both accounts, etc.) to see if they can merge it. Alternatively, if you don’t see a reply from them within a few days, you can email support@infiniteflight.com.

Aight yeah, im gonna suck it up and wait until my subscription goes away on the 22nd, i can survive like 10 days without IF expert server 😂, i can connect my acc with my subscription on my dad’s phone, then wait until my other sub goes away, then just connec with my IFC acc.
Edit: Thank you so much for your help.

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Haha. Sounds good! Apologies that I wasn’t able to help too much.

Have a good one! ✈️

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You too man!

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I just realized that I could just sign into the subscription, 😂, thanks so much for helping me

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