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hello, so i don’t have an active subscription on IF and it charged me 10 bucks so is there anyway i can get a refund or what should i do?

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I didn’t quite understand what you meant, but you can cancel the subscription, use the subscription you already paid for, 10 bucks is really worth global with all aircrafts and liveries unlocked.

If you’re using an Apple device, check out the link provided and follow the instructions!

You must have purchased an IF Pro Subscription. It is very unlikely that it would just charge you - thats not really how it works.

In terms of that, as far as I know, you can cancel your subscription. However, I do not think it refunds you. I cannot help you beyond that point, you must contact the staff team.

This is honestly very unusual that this has happened (assuming it is legitimate) - this does not happen that often or even at all to my knowledge (unless someone else knows of a bug I am not aware of). Anyways, I helped as much as I can on my end, I strongly suggest reaching out to an Infinite Flight staff member.

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This is also another good source pointed out. However, if this is an IF bug, Apple might not be involved in this issue. But give it a good look just in case - but from what I know, you have to contact your bank (Ex: Bank of America) to refund the purchase. I do not think Apple Support can do that themselves.

First, check your credit card last movements and confirm it was Infinite Flight, if affirmative, check what thing did you (or the app) purchased. If you have apple check the comments above that explain what to do, if you have android this tutorian can help you.

Also, turn off the automatic re-subscriptions.

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