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Hello, I have a quick question. So, I got IF pro for one month and want to renew it. If I insert a gift card code before the end of the subscription will it use the money on the gift card to automatically renew the subscription. If not can I like renew it in advance. Thank You.

What are you using? IOS or Android?

If it is an IOS it should use it but if it’s Android I do not know.

As long as you have money in your account, it should automatically use that money to renew (unless you have this turned off). Therefore, putting money in your account should allow the subscription to continue.

^ for Android

I’m sorry I have no clue what iOS and Android is? I have an ipad

You’re iOS, then. iOS is for Apple and Android is for companies like Samsung, Google, etc.

Thank you !!


So I can just enter the gift card code and it gets renewed for another month?(I had the 1 month sub)

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Yes, if you enter a card before the subscription ends, it should automatically renew for you

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Thank you so much

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No problem!

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