IF Subscription

When I go to settings > Itunes/App Stores > tough my apple ID and Log in > Subsciption > should I be seeing my all subsciptions? I only see my FR24 Sub

I want to make sure my IF sub does not auto renew when it expires next month.

Hey There!

If you purchased a subscription in IF through that same iTunes account, then use this link and you should be able to manage it from there. Hope this helps.

Could this be happening because I bought the IF sub with my old apple ID; now I have a new ID? My old ID doesn’t exist anymore it says, I thought if I log with my old ID, IF sub may appear but unfortunately It wont let me use my old ID anymore.

(If I’m not mistaken) If you are on a different Apple ID then you will need to be on that Apple ID. Subscriptions do not transfer between Apple ID.

If you do not remember the password to you Apple ID I recommend trying the Forgot My Password and if that doesn’t work then contact Apple Support to get your Subscription hopefully cancelled.

You mean I must be logged with my old apple ID to manage my IF Sub? In that case contacting Apple support is the only option since I cannot acess the old one anymore.

Yes you need to be logged on to that Apple ID.

Appreciate the help :)

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