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Good afternoon IFC!

Firstly, I would like to clear things up and say that even though the title might sound like I am canceling my subscription, I am not. I am purely here to explain a dilemma I am having with myself about my subscription and requesting some advice. So, without any further ado, I will explain the situation below.

As mentioned above, I have an “internal” dilemma. The cause of this is that my current subscription is up in 4 days on June 13th, 2020. With that being said, I have severe OCD and flipping back through my logbook seeing things like flights that don’t even exist kills me. As a result, since my subscription is ending, I was wondering if I should cancel the renewal and start over. The debate is that I am Grade 4, have over 2300 hours of flight time, and nearly 1,500,000 XP. I certainly don’t want that to be thrown away, but my OCD is getting the best of me and I am super tempted to start over. It would be really helpful for your feedback and I will leave a poll below and feel free to add comments! Thank you so much!

Personally, I want to start over. I like to have a clean slate!

Provided the information above, should I start over and create a new Infinite Flight Account?

  • Yes
  • No

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I will close this on the night of June 12th, 2020


No don’t get a new Account. You will have to start back in casual server and now that the Grade 3 requirements are higher, it will take longer to get back to the Expert server than it did before

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@Cpt_Zorndy Alright, thank you. I took that into consideration, however I didn’t know. I wonder if it is possible to contact support and ask them to remove all those flights and the hours associated with them


I’m not sure, but give them a PM and ask.


I really don’t recommend you to do it, you will start from casual server


@EdCruz I should’ve done this pre v20.1 😂


With your status I don’t think you should start over. It’s too risky and with the new requirements it will be harder.

I don’t think you lose your account if you stop renewing your subscription. Someone needs to confirm though because I’ve never done this.

The question I have and it may be a bit personal, but which part of all of this, is making your OCD get the best of you. What exact reason do you personally feel you have, to want to start over from the beginning?

If you answer those questions, then you can start building up from there, whether or not to continue or start over, and get more accurate assistance and suggestions from others here on the forum.

Because I feel like, if we got to know, or understand a bit deeper, what it is that ticks of your OCD in this current circumstance, then we’d be able to help better. I have read through your post, and I understand bits and pieces of it, but, “seeing things like flights that don’t even exist kills me”, this part here got me a bit confused? :)

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@Captain_JR I appreciate your long response and how much your care! So, to answer you, what is making my OCD get the best of me is how my logbook contains 30+ pages of random flights that don’t start from where I last needed (a huge pet peeve of mine), pages of flights with violations (all from the day I first joined lol). and flights that I have started and then ended without even flying. I don’t find it realistic and that really bugs me. I know it is just a simulator and not real life, but it truly annoys the heck out of me

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My point is to loose my account. I want to create a new one to start over

I’ll say yes and here’s my reason why

There’s nothing wrong with a fresh start, providing you realize that you’ll be starting back in the casual server and have to work your way back up to grade 4, and bearing in mind the new requirements for doing so, if you can accept that I don’t see why you shouldn’t go for a fresh start.

Make sure you still have access to your old/current account though. That way if you change your mind and want all your progress back, you can just log back into it and re-activate your subscription.


I would personally advise anyone with such high amount of stats, to not start over, but each person is individual with individual, own reasons to need or feel to start over.

After reading through what you have said, and taking it all into consideration and some quick understanding and putting myself in your perspective, I get what you’re saying, and that feeling. And from all of that, I would say, if you honestly, within yourself feel that you want to start over, despite whatever the poll above says, then do so, and once you do it, don’t regret, rather be happy and know that, you did for a good cause.

If your gut feeling is that, it would be better for myself, and for my OCD to start over, and that’s the best option for you, then that’s the path to choose. So think deeply about this and take everyone’s suggestions and replies here into consideration, before making a decision.

But as I said, after reading through your reply, and main post, putting things into perspective and understanding it all, I would say, that starting over is a overall good choice if that’s what you wish to do deep inside. But continuing from where you are today, even though your OCD may not like it, if you are able to get passed that point where it feel odd and wrong, then you may continue, and hopefully if you chose to go against your OCD, that things will still turn out fine :)

I have a fresh account I was in the boat as you and I don’t regret it I was grade 5 way more hours and way more exp it was good I screenshotted it and refreshed my account make sure there’s no active sub before you contact an admin @schyllberg was a fantastic help. I’m now grade 3 nearly 4 :)


Can I hire you as my therapist? 😂 😂

But in all seriousness, I really, really appreciate your advice. I will definitely take my time to think this through and go from there. I will post my final decision here as well!

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You’ll find me dropping in here in IFC assisting fellow members from time to time, so if I ever see you need any advice or support, I’ll gladly lend a helping hand.

Take Care :)

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I personally would not start over. If its pages from your log book that are bothering you then you can try to see if the staff could take them out of your history. Or an easier option could just be don’t look at your log.

If you are wanting to start over, wait for your subscription to run out and then go back into IF, pick “use another account” in the log in and apply the subscription to that. Your old account will still exist if you want to go back to it but it just won’t have next month’s sub.

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@KGJT-9149 Yes, I’ve thought of the fact that I can just ignore my logbook, however having bad OCD means it’ll never leave your mind :(

Also, I do the yearly subscription, not the monthly one. How would I go about that?

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It would really depend on you. The ball is in your court.

Getting a new account means that you will have to start from the ground up to get back into where you are, but you may have to restrict yourself to the flying that you want to do only to the maximum accuracy (gate, aircraft, flight number, registration, timing (if possible) etc.). I personally stick with SQ’s schedule because it gives predictability of what time I can expect a landing. But there’s also the fact that a device can also have a bad wire day and then crash. Then the logbook will be tarnished again. The question I feel that you should consider is - Will that short term gratification lead to long term gratification? I feel that if that short term gratification does lead to a long term reward, then I think it would be a good idea to start anew and grind it out.

On the other hand, not leaving your account would act up your OCD. But this would allow you the option of going into the expert server for your flying when trolls get on your nerves. Of course, you have put in hours and hours of energy and, for a lack of a better term, investment, into your time into the game to have those stats. If it is just the logbook that is being a pain to you, then maybe keeping a physical logbook could be an option, if you’d like it electronic, a Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets would be a good idea for record-keeping.

I personally have thought of the same and want to start fresh but I don’t because I want to keep my options open in terms of going across servers to avoid any trolls at airports. If training has bad trolls, the expert server would keep things a little more in control, stats do not really matter to me, I believe that the quality of my flying is more important than the number of flights I do.

Personally, on your matter, I can’t really give you an exact since both have their benefits and disadvantages so it would be based on your preference. If you are going to spend the cash anyways then it really won’t matter if you want to grind it out again or keep at where you are. Whichever your choice is, I believe that IFC will respect your position and decision on the matter. If you really want my take on this, stick with your current account and just record keep somewhere else.

Hope it helps :)

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I highly don’t recommend it, but if you don, don’t say I didn’t warn you that there is a high chance you’ll get buzzed by me.