IF studying technique

If you have a pile of of assignments or studying for exams, just put your plane in to a long haul flight and grab your work while cruising!
You can’t touch your phone before the plane arrives so you can concentrate on studying.
Ha, I mastered analyzing trusses while my A321 flown helsinki to london.
Anyway, is there a university student here?


I am definitely the same way (although I’ve been traveling lately and had to take my computer with me). I am a doctorate business student (still university though) and I always love long hauls the best, and sometimes short hauls if I need a break :)


Not in a university yet, but on school days, I plan for 17-20 hour flights, depart at 8-11PM, sleep, get to school, come back and land. Best way to gain XP and hours on busy days.


Uni (well still in college but transferring to a uni soon!) student here and I am using the same technique as you are 😂

As long as it works, it works.

—Robert Arkiletian, my high-school computer programming teacher.

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True! Got a degree because I broke my arm 2 months before the exam…

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