IF Storage

Hey, quick question. I was checking my device storage and saw that Infinite Flight is taking up a whopping 10.15 GB. Anyone know why it’s taking up so much storage and how to get rid of some of it?

Hello, I think that the Reblay is taking up space. Are you deleting the Reblay or not?

How do I delete the replays?

Replays do take up storage, but they are usually relatively small, and unless you have hundreds of files, assuming none are outrageously large, is not a significant factor. Instead, liveries and scenery can be attributed to the large app size.

To my knowledge, the only way to effectively decrease the app’s storage use is to delete it, as this will clear all local downloads. The downside is that your settings and replays will be deleted. The latter can be preserved, though, by either exporting the files from Infinite Flight to a files app or using Share My Infinite Flight.

Hopefully this helps!


enter at the homepage, in the lower right, there is a replay, click on it, then choose any replay, then delete

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