IF Stopped responding

This is not the first time that IF stopped working after a ultra long haul flight. I departed today early In the morning from OMAA heading to KJFK. After landing smoothly at jfk and closing the reverses, the screen freezed and I could only hear the aircraft taxing and tyres bumping on the runway at 45kts.

*I own a fan that blows cool air that I use for ULTRA LONG HAULS to stop my device from over heating, and it does😊

I took these screenshots when it freezed:

Any ideas on how to stop IF from freezing?


What device are you using?

A galaxy s6edge on the lowest graphics and airplane count

How much ram do you have?

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That phone is a little bit of an old one and is not the world’s best for running IF. For a ULH, that could be a bit dangerous to your phone. I did try a flight at around 16 hours some time ago and had the same issue. It’s probably an issue with your phone’s specs.

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3 GB, 128Gb storage space and used 78 of that

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Was it a continuous same pitch sound?

So when the screen froze, you weren’t able to tap anything? You can barely close out the app? Once you re-enter it it give the game it gives the prompt of the game not responding?

I’ve has this issue on my device in the last week twice, and I’ve had 1000+ hours in the air on that device alone with no disruption.

Well then that should be way more then enough to run it

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Storage is not always the issue. Can be an issue with the speed of the phone itself.


Well he said he has 3gb of ram and that’s triple the amount of minimum requirements for it to run smoothly

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The actual problem is the game itself it has issues needed to be worked on we can’t always blame the phone… unfortunately its the game this time

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What could possibly make the game go like that?

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You can’t put your hands down on this. It depends all on how devices can change over time, and yes some is Infinite Flight. As updated come, so does the requirements to smoothly run IF.

The S6, is actually quite outdated believe it or not.


Yes your right the s6 is an older phone but it could still run the game with it good specs. 3gb of ram is good. It doesn’t really matter how old the phone is as long as the specs are fine. I know someone who plays with the iPad Pro and it still crashes like this.

Ask the devs what the problem is…

Not true in the slightest.

Devices build up on storage, junk, and generally wear and tear over time. Everything will die at some point, and that can be everything from the battery to the graphics card, or whatever gizmos your phone has nowadays.

Now let’s please go back on topic to help the Original Poster. If you want to PM me about how your iMac G3 doesn’t support Infinite Flight, I’d be happy to continue that conversation… sort of… 😂

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Quite the contrary. Specs are not forever, they degrade due to wear & tear.
Even though i can agree on that the S6 should perform a bit better, Samsung utilizes some serious CPU throttling which is out of our control. RAM is far from the only thing that matters.

The model itself are 5 years old, which is considered almost two lifetimes in terms of phones.


One last point of proof before helping this guy finally 😅

If your phone is old but good enough to pack a dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM or better and feature incredible GPU power, you can play just about any new game. A phone with more powerful features may improve your gaming experience. But some old phones may run modern games effortlessly.

Retirieved from…https://www.bluemoongame.com/can-you-play-new-mobile-games-on-old-phones/

It depends on the game and what it requires to process Infinite Flight.

So it may vary.

I already know the required specs to run if and he has pretty good specs 3gb of ram is triple the necessary required ram to run