IF still crashing

Hey, I was flying LHR-JFK and it crashed, just wanted to report this incase!

What device are you using, and what graphic settings are being used?

I’m using iPad 6th gen and my setting were all low cause I was cruising

Do you have any third party applications running in the background? This may be IF Assistant, IF Operations, or anything else.

I had face time

Were you on a call and/or using the app in a open tab?

I was on a call but had it in the background

When you describe “crash”, what is happening?

Does the app close completely, do you lose connection to the live server, go back to the main menu?

The app shut down completely

Okay. I’d suggest not having anything running in the background. From what I can see, your graphics are on low, which is a good start. Sorry that this is happening to you!

Okay thanks for the help!

FaceTime calls or doing anything with IF in the background can cause the app to shut down in the background from becoming disconnected. It is advised you don’t exit the app at all during a flight. Luckily IOS 14 is improving the way calls and FaceTimes are managed - so that you can take a call without having to leave the app you are currently using.


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