IF starts over if I go out of it quickly

So, I was approaching OMDB when I went out of IF to check taxiways, when I got back, the screen went black for few seconds, and IF started all over again, like you turn it on, it’s very annoying when doing long haul flights without preparation, you just lose all the progress

It may not be advisable to stop IF midway.
Also, if IF stops midway, all the XP and flight time till the app crashed are recorded :)

And that is why I use my old Ipad 2 to search up some info in midflight. So I really recommend you using a separate device to search up stuff.

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When you load into a flight, does red writing appear along the top of your screen telling you that the “device memory is low”?

What device are you using?

No, the game just falls asleep, and I am using Samsung Galaxy J6 2018
EDIT: Maybe closes

Adding IF to the list of unmonitored apps might help.
See Battery, Unmonitored Apps.
It should keep the app running in the background.
No guarantees in terms of server connection though.

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Ok, will try

I don’t use android myself but I’m sure someone else who does will be able to assist you further. Hope it gets sorted!

Thanks for assist everyone, I hope it doesn’t happen again!

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