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Just would like to say, the IF staff at the end of the day are hard workers. They don’t do this for nothing, and it’s a job and source of income for real people. Nothing in this world is free, especially a flight simulator optimized for handheld devices. For the day 1 IF users, we know how far the sim has come. It takes a lot of hard work. The price of everything in the world is going up, and the more features that are added, the more upkeep and expenses are added to their priorities. $10 a month might be a lot to some, and that’s understandable. But I think I speak for many when I say, I work very hard every day too at my job, and am happy to spend $10 a month on a game that brings me joy and relaxation and satisfies my technical nerd side. Currencies, and taxes do not correlate country to country. Nothing is fair in this world, and as inclusive as this community is, it will never be 100% fair to everyone around the globe. It’s not possible in our dynamic of reality here on earth. No need to bash the nice people of IF. That being said, I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend, and happy flying. Remember, you didn’t come up with this genius app, and whoever did, are the ones worthy of the success of it. They can charge whatever they want, and respectfully, you can QUIETLY choose to not be a part of it, if you feel it isn’t fair. I bet the haters typed their “corporate” evil posts out, wearing a shirt made by a child labor slave in Indonesia. Only pretending to care about things, when it affects your wants/wishes.


Roses are red
Violets are blue
I enjoy my subscription
And my money does too :)

Jokes aside it’s up to each individual user on what they consider is worth their money and what’s not. The subscription is a fixed price with many perks, and all the business wants is to make money, not ‘steal’ or ‘scam’ your green paper to put in the pot. Otherwise, what have I been smoking?

Moral of the story - Haters will hate, and subscribers will subscribe… it’s a fun world to run a successful business :p


You said it even better than me. Have a good weekend mate.


What an eloquent demonstration of support. To add my own tuppence-worth; I find it remarkable that all of this is achieved with no office, no in-person collaborative environment or any of the “usual” physicality of a typical business.


I agree, one of the most hard working if not the most! Props to them 👏🏻👏🏻

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This is really lovely. In a world where you have many choices for how you spend time and money (and you work hard for it) we’re thankful you have chosen us.

Clear skies.


I agree for sure.

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Well written. Have an awesome weekend!


I think you misunderstood me. Was making a point that somebody will complain about a corporation, while unwillingly knowing that slave labor was used to produce a piece of common clothing that they’re most likely wearing (i.e. a Nike cotton shirt).


Ok! Ill change it

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I think understood the point in your original comment. But I also empathise with the OP’s frustration over completely unjust criticism throwing out the accusation of “corporate greed.” I just wanted to shout out @drummer 's response to the unfairness of the accusation, hearing the accuser but responding with facts and without ridicule. Now if I only I can hold myself to that standard more often…


Everyone has a right to their own opinion, and they have a right as paying customers to give feedback. As unjust as it might be in our eyes, it might not be in there eyes and we have to respect that and treat them with the utmost respect (as they are customers too) and let their voice be heard.

Even though it may be hard, we have to give everyone equal opportunity to voice their opinion. Which is what the moderators have done so far from what ive seen. They just close the topic, they don’t unlist it to where people cant see it etc…


We can not combat arguments and fights with arguments and fights because that just makes it worse.(which is the purpose of my original comment above before the edit) So when this type of thing happens again we do not want to call them names or excommunicate them from the IFC, (i know its an exaggeration) we need to deal with the specific person in a respectful manner, let them voice their opinion to an open and receiving mind, close the topic, address the criticisms as appropriate, and move on…

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Simple! Yet effective.

It’s not. But you’re absolutely right :)

free speech is important, however, phrasing criticism how they did, is just childish.

The value of subscription with IF is truly outstanding . Never have i payed for a subscription for a game that is not worth its weight . This Game is beyond in all aspects, , The IF team put so much effort and time for perfection. Reading every article and resolving any issues. To be honest , we simply dont think about the £10 subscription for endless enjoyment. Keep smiling, keep flying and have a great day …

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Simple as in concept, not application. Its one of the hardest things for sure. I didnt explain enough on that.

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Once again, we can not fight immature behavior without treating the person with respect and dignity.

I never called anyone any names, you’re reaching for nothing.