IF Spotting | Saturday Session @ TNCM - 032100ZSEP16

On Saturday, I’ll be once again recording a video (another spotting video) at TNCM on Saturday!

Day: Saturday, September 3, 2016
Time: 21:00 Zulu Time (5:00PM Eastern US) (Ends 1-2 hours later!)
Region: Caribbean
Airport: Sint Marteen (SXM/TNCM)
Aircraft: Any aircraft will be allowed, but would prefer if not a lot of fighter jets :)
Server: Training Server 2
Hope to see you there!

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Love it :) I will be there in my KLM 747-400 “The Queen of the Skies”

See you there!

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What the…


I’ll try make it, KLM 787-9 :)

I’ll be there!

In my Calender :) Thanks for hosting this

Should this be moved to the events catagory?

He can’t change it, as s he’s a basic user. Maybe you could change it for him lol.

Cant, lost my regular status when i went out of country for 3 weeks. Kinda forgot how to remove “regular” from the side of my name hahaa.

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Please wait to post an event until you’re a member. :)