IF Spotting From SFO Tower

Hya All

After an amazing Radar session in San Fransisco, serving as Approach and Depature, why not doing some spotting from it’s control Tower? Some great planes in the ground, some professional pilots landing some big birds, and some amazing visual approaches to 19L. @Kaj made it’s awsome job as Tower & Ground, which made SFO steady and well-organized

Without further delay, here are the pics for this “spotting session”. You’ll definetly enjoy it ;)

Some stuff...

Airport: San fransisco KSFO
Aircraft: Shown in the pictures
Session duration: 1:01h
Server: Expert

First, we spot two United’s B77W’s loading passengers and cargo. Their destinations are unknown.

Next up is an Emirates 77W arriving from Dubai. The rare thing is the arrival to 19L

Then, we have Air India B77W loading cargo for It’s trip to New Dehli, the capital city of the state of Dehli.

Next up… a Philippines Airlines A359 arriving from Los Angeles
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

United B772 departing. Destination: Los Angeles.

Lufthansa 455 crossing the 19s to depart from 28L. The destination was Frankfurt

American B77W out to NOWR (No Where Intl)

Then we have a @Fedex MD11 arriving from Memphis

The final spot of the day: A B748 turning final for a short Visual Approach to Runway 19L. It’s origin was near San José (SJC), so it was local flying :=)

And here is the control Tower seen from the Ground!

Thank you for taking the time on seeing this spotting session. Make sure to check out The great Jorge Newbery Fly-In , which is in some weeks :)



@rolls hehe

I think that is a 77W

Still, great pics!

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Is the 772. The 77W is the 777-300, which is more laaarrrgerr.

Thank you!

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Now I wait for DH8D

beautiful phots


Thank you!

Not the 772, see the raked wingtips, wing taxi cam (the black thing) and count the exit doors 😉

5 Exit Doors on the 77W

5 Doors Too

Is a 77W

For comparison
4 Doors on the 772


Nice pictures!!! Just curious, were you landing on 19L and the 28s at the same time?

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Yup! It was a good moment to practice arrivals with intercepting runways :)

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I love San Francisco and the pictures :)) 😍

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Indeed. I love my own pics too :=)

Thank you @Henrik003

I couldve been that departing United! I went from LAX to SFO! Nvm this was expert server…am sad now. Lol

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I did not notice the tower looks like that with the lights on…
Amazing photography!

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Looks amazing. Isn’t it?

Thank you so much :)

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Next time when I do SFO<->LAX routes I’ll set it to night just so I can see it

That looks sooo cool! Well done! And that shot of the tower WOW!

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haha nice idea never thought about that one

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@Phil_Ruddy indeed! The tower in “dark-time” on every airport looks amazing.

@Global_Flyer do it some day. You will enjoy it :)

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Ok i will try thanks for the tip

Nice shots!

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