IF spotting from MEX Tower (comic style)

Hi all!

Just another spotting session. This time we are going to Mexico City, capital of Mexico. Mexico City is know for being a huge city, with a lot of culture, impossible traffic and of course, being the house of the busiest airport in Mexico & Latin America, and one of the busiest in the world. After spotting at Muenchen, I took a direct flight to Mexico City, to go spotting xD.

The pictures are edited in the “comic” style in PicsArt, so why not comic-spotting?

Some info so this doesn't get closed
  • Server: Expert
  • Session Duration: 55m
  • Airport: MMMX
  • Aircraft: Shown below
  • Rick Astley: No

Deboarding. You can see Mexico’s control tower and the mountains on the background. Don’t mind the bug ;)

Now on the tower ready to spot. But 1st let’s admire those beautiful mountains.

1st spot of the day: An American 752 loading supplies, cargo and passengers for a 2h trip to Miami.

Next up is an Aeromexico B772 arriving from Madrid.

A Viva Aerobus A320 taxiing to 5L for it’s depature to Monterrey.

A super reaistic Iberia CRJ-1000 Going Around, after trying to land with full flaps at 220kts Ground Speed.

Another Viva Aerobus Taking off. I don’t know it’s destination, but @Boeing757 knows ;)

The most beautiful livery ever buttering the runway after a short trip from Cancún.

A Lufthansa and Aeromexico (B748-B788 repectively) loading the cargo. Lufthansa was going to Frankfurt, and the Aeromexico was going to London LHR.

Finally, a BA 772 arriving from LHR. The plane buttered the plane, so Im not concerned about that ;)

That’s all. Hope you liked this spotting session with this particular style. I’m sure you’ll use that style soon ;)


Run, here comes Rick Astley to sing “Never gonna comic you up”


Maybe it was leased :)
I like the screenshot btw


Probably. lol

I agree. And thank you! :=)

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I really like both the Viva Areobus planes they really stood out to me.

Also I love the comic style very unique!

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Same. I really liked the topic with this style lol

Indeed. Pics Art has a lot of unique styles, like this one

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