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Thank You Community 777-300ER

Hello and welcome to the “Thank You Community” livery request! This livery was originally created in the “Design Your Own Airline or Repaint an Existing Airline” by @Javier_Blancas, original post. And this feature request is for this amazing livery.

“Thank You Community” livery possibility. | Full credit goes to @Javier_Blancas.

About The Livery:

The “Thank You Community” livery is dedicated to the incredible community members and moderators who continue to make IF like no other flight simulator. The community is always helping out other users, supporting and providing feedback to the IF staff members, and making IF the best mobile flight sim. This livery is a way to say thank you to the IFC.

Taking into account the realization that it would be impossible to implement so many names and somehow make it fair, plus the rendering quality needed to read the names, @Javier_Blancas has revised the livery. It now features the bold “Thank You” text as well as “2.5 Million Players And Counting” to thank not only the community, but all of the players of this amazing sim. This livery is simplified from the original, but still looks amazing at the same time. Albeit, not everyone’s name will be on it, but a simple “thank you” sometimes means more than listing everyone on the IFC separately.

About The 777-300ER:

With the upcoming 777-300ER rework, this is a great opportunity to add this livery to the sim.

The 777-300ER (also known as the 77W), is a widebody, long-haul airliner that is capable of flying across oceans and continents alike, with a range of 7,370nm. It cruises at roughly 510kts with the power of its GE90 engines.

I’m sure that the whole community would love to see this livery in IF. It represents the moderators, staff, and community members like us that keep this sim running. The “Thank You Community” livery would be a great way to say thanks to the IFC and everyone else playing IF for everything they do.

Credits and sources:

Livery Credits

Livery design: @Javier_Blancas.

IF logos: IF

Original template: MED.

77W Information

Specs from: https://www.skytamer.com/Boeing_777-300ER.html

It would mean a lot to me and Javier if you considered voting for this livery to be added. Have a great day/night, IFC. And thank you!

I have permission from @Javier_Blancas to make this topic even though he livery was designed by him. Thanks! 😁

That’s beautiful. Great job @Javier_Blancas! I hope we get to see this in 20.2! 😊


Voted. We need this livery when 20.2 rolls around!


Totally agree! Thanks for the support!

Javier takes all the credit for the livery, I just made the thread. 😂


We need this livery… got my vote!


My pleasure to be the first vote. Thanks to @Javier_Blancas for the incredible work!


U got mine C: as always great post @Butter_Boi


Thanks for the support, keep it coming!

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You’ve got my vote as well. Livery looks good :)


Gotta say I would love this to be the IF official 2020 livery especially after everything we have gone through this year around the world. I am going to spare my very limited votes on this and I seriously encourage everyone to. 🤞🤞🤞

Cign :)


This is really needed.


You’ve got my vote, it’s got my name on it, literally.

I think personally a rearrange on names could be made to feature developers, staff, moderators, and people in this community who over a certain period of time, have contributed the most, from read to activity, to likes etc… I think the most involved people in the community and those who have made the most noticeable impact should be the first to be included in the livery, since it could cause a bunch of complaints on whose name is and isn’t in there.


I voted so fast! This NEEDS to be in the sim!


I shall be the tenth vote:)

I would absolutely love to see this

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@Pingu @Jacob_Layton I’ve found you


I’m gonna see if I’m there

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Where? I can’t seem to find myself. 😂


Top of the fuselage sorta near the wing


This will be cool (and I’m happy my name is there also)

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I’ll vote, I found my name! Lol

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