IF Shutting Down During Flight

I fly mostly long haul segments on my iPad Mini. On my last three flights, I’ve come back to my iPad being black and IF being closed within two hours of takeoff. This has never happened to me before, and I’d like to keep playing on this device moving forward. Has any one else experienced this lately? Am I doing something wrong?

Note: the device has been charging each time, and my WiFi connection has remained strong.

How much RAM do you have remaining?

Have you tried deleting the app, restarting your device and reinstalling the app?

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Is this the same thing?

Yea RAM is the same thing as your storage. Which you have quite a bit of.

Alright so, I am going to ask for some more info. What are your graphics settings, device model, operating system and version? This will help move your issue further to getting solved.


Just deleted and reinstalled. This was my last resort because of the settings I have to reset. We’ll know tomorrow if it works and my long haul session doesn’t crash.

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I’m really not sure, but I keep my device and all apps up to date.

did you rest ram before the flight? As this has never happened I am surprised. The only thing I have seen is the screen freezing then crashing.

Hey @Mark_Eatman!

Storage is not equal to RAM–they are two different things.

It is called a RAM management issue but it only happens if you open several apps at a time without closing them (and iOS has a good RAM management, generally speaking). Since you plug in your iPad and leave it on IF at all times, the issue may arise from the game (having an error and force closes by itself) or with Apple’s iOS.

Everytime before you launch IF, clear your recently-used apps by double-clicking the home button and swiping up all apps you don’t need. If I may know, which iPad model are you using?


I’ve had the same issue the last 3 days, just this morning on final approach from a 14.5 hour flight the app just died, so I think somethings going on lately
But anyway what I did was updated everything to current, turned off all background apps, cleared all search history, rebooted my phone, deleted and reinstalled IF, reset phone back to factory settings and it’s performing great now, no lagging or anything, not getting hot either

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I always experience this, whenever I forgot to set either one of the graphic settings to MEDIUM, even after restarting or even re-installing. If just one of those is on high, you might not notice anything straightaway for a couple of hours/ days but will suddenly force close at random moment in time without warning as the flight progresses. You might want to test by leaving one setting at high and find the culprit. Can’t leave IF now, but medium it is. Hope that info helps, cheers!

it’s happened to me yesterday, everything on my device was turned off but wifi and IF, and i have a lot of space on my storage, and screen brightness was very low, i also turned on long flight mode,.

also this didn’t happen to me before since i always do long haul flights without any issues, only this time!

the screen became black so i know my device is on lock screen i opened it and IF was still running but the flight was stopped since i found myself on the main menu with my aircraft at gate,.

Hello Mark,

What are your settings on for Anti aliasing and limit frame rate?

Feels like this needs to be repeated:

Some things that needs to be addressed:

In 99% of the cases, the root cause to these crashes is that Infinite Flight is not set up accordingly to what the device can handle. Just the other day, i handled a case with an iPhone 6 where the user was running everything on max settings besides Limit Frame Rate off and 95% of the storage full and expected it to work flawless. That will not work out. And i see cases like this all the time… If you have a low-end/mid-end device, you will not be able to run Infinite Flight with all the graphics settings set to full and expect it not to crash.

If you do experience crashes that you’re sure of not to be related to what i stated above, please include information such as graphics settings, device model, operating system and version. Without that information, no one will be able to figure out anything.


Very new to the game but I got the subscription if I turn my phone off will my flight carry on (global)

No, your flight will appear as disconnected to the live servers and your flight won’t continue until you reopen the app. For all questions, use the #general category.

This happened to me. My flight time only reached 10 hours and the app crashed. I found that making space and deleting the app and reinstalling helped it. My game has not crashed since.