IF Shop Discount for Pro Members?

I was wondering, I’ve just bought the IF backpack and I thought, shouldn’t IF Pro members get a discount? I already pay almost £10 a month for it, so even a 5% discount would be appreciated!

It’d also be a good way to show IF’s loyalty, not that I’m going to stop playing it any time soon…


That’s not how I understand the vision of the Shop. People were asking for a way to further support IF devs team and the surrounding parties and merchandising is a famous way to do it.

If you can go for it, go ahead ! If you can’t, no problemo.

All that to say I wouldn’t be surprised to see no discounts on the IF shop.


I guess as they are quite a small company, we need to give them all the support they can get!

I don’t really think there should be any discounts for anyone in my opinion.

Coding or programming the discounts to work with specific users or people with success would be a very difficult thing to do, or even claiming a code of something could create ways to cheat and beat the system.

After all you’re purchasing something that’s worth the logo and material, and it isnt much. The price is also amazing for the quality, as the quality in the products I’ve brought are fantastic.

Whether you’re a Basic User or a Regular, Grade 1 or Grade 5, or even aren’t any of things, the price should remain the same for everyone, otherwise it would be quite unfair to get the same exact product based on your activity to the game.


I guess you’re right, whenever some people try to help, others will always try to cheat the system and save money.

how about adding a pro subscription discount for those who have spent a certain amount of money in their lifetime of the infinite flight account

Hmm, the other way round. That’s a great idea!