IF servers

Hey did anyone else experience where the server doesn’t show the planes but everything in the top right corner is green people in VA/VO are experiencing the same problem.

My guess is a server update etc…


The winds pushed us all off the map

I’m at EHAM and I don’t see any planes although Live Flight App shows them there. Also, I am connected to ground, i get no response but I hear other pilots…

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Yes! Nearing Atlanta, but can’t communicate with Tower ATC. All planes disappeared. I can hear a few pilots sending messages to Atlanta Tower, but these planes don’t appear on my radar. Don’t hear KATL ATC. Have veered away from KATL for now.

I don’t appear on LiveFlight…

Yeah people can hear ATC but can’t see any planes :(

Same for me at EDDF. Everything disappeared about ten minutes ago but I could hear Unicom. Restarted device, cleared cache, issue persists on the expert server.

iPad 6th gen
iOS 13.2.3

Can also replicate issue on my Android device.
Android 9
Oxygen OS 9.0.17

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yup. All planes have disappeared from my map

I think it might’ve been that Ginormous DLVA Event out of MSP plus everybody else


I think DLVA single handedly broke the whole ES LMAO

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This problem is clearly an IF problem! :(

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@schyllberg You got a job to do!


Just like @AmericanVirtual and their event.


Your Exactly Right!

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What up with these VA/VO break IF?. Lmao.

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I wish my VA was that large haha

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It is being looked into,hang tight

Let’s stay on topic please.


MASSIVE VA’s like AAVA and DLVA make events, which are so big they break the server

Thanks Chris!


Im assuming the issue is that there were too many planes in one area… right?

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@Bravo59 we don’t know what exactly is the problem!

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