IF Server Connection

Hey! So this has happened multiple times: I exit the app to do calculations in other Infinite Flight apps (IF Assistant) and the IF app crashes. Any knowledge of why or a possible solution?

Are you leaving the app while spawned in?

Note that IF is not made to run in the background and, given enough varying time, it will disconnect you. The only thing to do after that point is to respawn.

Yes I am. This time it was for less than a minute. I understand over a minute, as a server is not built to run like that, but normally if I leave for a little time period (<60 secs) it returns me to the sim.

There’s no specific time. It can be a few seconds to minutes for all we know. That’s something we have to unfortunately live by and learn to deal with it.

It’s better to just simply prepare your third-parties before spawning to avoid you leaving the app in-game, or have it happening at all.

Will do. Something to fix for next time. Thank you for the assistance!


The issue here is not with the connectivity.

This is. What happens is that the operating system on your device will put apps you but in the background on hold or even shut them down to preserve system resources.
The best way to avoid this, is to restart your device more often to free up resources.


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