IF reverts to Cessna 172

IF sometimes reverts back to the default Cessna 172 from my usual A320-200, forcing me to re-select the A320-200 again. Minor annoyance. My memory may be faulty on this, but It seems to happen when switching between the Casual and Expert servers. Is this a known issue?

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As far as I know, it happens when you were controlling an airport and switch back to “fly-mode”.
The reason why it is the C172 is because it’s the default aircraft in IF. But it shouldn’t be a big problem. :)

I can also confirm that I have this issue sometimes after I restart the app, after flying any plane. It’s not really that big of a problem.

This is odd. I don’t.
I’ve seen one report of this previously…

What devices are you that are experiencing this using?

I have the 128G iPad Pro 12.9 on iOS 11.3

iPhone 7. I reported this a couple weeks ago. It’s sporadic. I was informed it caused by ending a flight, but it’s a glitch.

i dont think there is a solution as it reverts to default when the memory of the plane you were on is wiped off the ram (restart device or restart app)
the reason @schyllberg hasnt seen recent reports maybe is because most people dont mind
-edit that is if IF uses RAM to store that info

Well, that is incorrect.
This is a new and irratic behavior.

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im sorry that would be if infinite flight used the RAM to store that information
i dont know if it does or dosent

And of course I’m getting it on both of my devices now… when it didn’t happen on either of them earlier.

I’ll investigate further and take my findings to the developers. It’s minor for sure, but slightly annoying.


Happened to me a few times as well.

iPhone 6s
iOS 11.2.6

I usually spawn in as a C172 and then have to restart and redownload my desired aircraft. Scenario 2, I downloaded the aircraft prior to spawning in the first time and the app crashes. Then when I restart I spawn in as a C172. I’m not sure why I have to download it, I always assumed it was an update to the aircraft.

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The crash/redownload is usually caused by low storage though. I talked to someone about it before…

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This has been happening to me too. After closing the app and restarting it. Minor inconvenience, but not a big deal.

Newest iPad air, with 13gb of free space.

for me it only happens after i atc so maybe it recognizes ATCing as a “flight” but cant identify the aircraft (there wasnt one) so it reverts to the default 172
edit- i dont know how IF is programmed but it is a possibility

@schyllberg it has been doing this for me as well. No matter what i fly and or do ATC. I’m on an iPhone 8+, updated iOS. Noticed it about two weeks ago but didnt think anything of it, it doesnt ALWAYS happen, but probably about 50% of the time.

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Got enough reports yet? I’ve had it happen to me, also on ios, fully updated It may just be an Apple problem

Happens to me pretty much every time I restart of have closed the app…

IPad Mini 4 latest IOS, and IF if anyone is curious…

Sorry to bardge in but it also happens to me usually after IF crashes or after an update. I am on the same device @Nate_Schneller has.

Only been going on for a few weeks though…