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Hello IF Community.
Is there any way that I can see my replays of my flights on a MacBook Pro (2015)? I try exporting them to my Mac (From my iPad Air 2021), via Airdrop and Text Messages but when I try to open them on my Mac, they won’t open. Is there a specific app that I need to install?

I use this, once uploaded then open the link on your Mac and download

Hi Udo, replays are stored in a format that only infinite flight can read and open.

The only way to view them is through the infinite flight app 🙂


Thank you both so much! The link that you sent @B787fan, when I go through the steps to download it, and it says that it downloaded to my desktop… I go to open it with QuickTime Player and it still won’t open. I get a sort of error message. Any thoughts?

If you possess an M1 Mac you can try to install IF on there, or if you have the Android version, you can use blue stacks to run IF

Either way, you need IF to use an IF replay file

I need to download IF on my Mac?

You can’t unless it has an M1 processor, but seeing as yours is a 2015 model and not 2020 or later, you can’t

If you have the Android version, use blue stacks to run it

Gotcha… thanks for the help!

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As far as I’m aware, he wouldn’t have been able to download it even if his Mac was an M1 equipped one, as the devs specifically set the app to not be available for M1 devices, or else M1 Mac would be shown as an option on the app store page.
As for why you can’t open the replay using quicktime, this is because it is not a video, but rather just a log of all the parameters (.trk and .json to be exact) which the app then uses to reconstruct the flight. On top of that, they have some encryption on top of it to prevent people from modifying them, or else the work of atc appeals team would have been much more “fun”.

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