IF replays on computer

Hi is there a way to watch replays on a computer? Thanks

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I don’t believe there is. The only way may be to screenplay your device with IF to the desktop / monitor.

is there a way to do that?

Hello @Captainflight,

What device do you use? Android or Apple?

A replay in Infinite Flight is not saved as a video. It is essentially just a small file that recreates the flight based on recorded data. There is no way to view this file outside of infinite flight

You could always playback your flight and do a screen recording, android 11 and iOS both have screen recorders built in. The other alternative is you could cast your screen to an external display, but there can be latency and packet loss that might ruin the quality of the video. You can use ADB with android to directly cast through a CMD window, but if you have no ADB experience it’s quite tricky.

The best way to replay your flight is just to do it on your device, that way you can mess around with camera angles, scrub across the timeline and view ATC messages. You could record the footage using a screen capture, then transfer it to your pc if you want to edit it.

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I use Apple

Yea I want to make videos but while I record I face storage issues

@Captainflight , You may want to try an airdrop feature if you happen to use a MacBook or iMac, then open the file and view it?

I airdroped one of my replays before it couldn’t open the file

Is there a way on IOS to save a video directly on iCloud or on Google drive instead of the recording upload to the default app

That won’t work, essentially, you need the Infinite Flight by app on whatever device it is. Try Apple’s “Airplay” feature which you can learn to do here :)

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So can I airplay from iPhone to Mac?

Yep, you can, and you can open the replay on the phone and it will display to your Mac.

ok so I could screen share to the Mac and screen record the Mac

Send the file to google drive, and you will be able to view it via computer or whatever device need be.

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Ok I wil try that thank you.

Works like a charm.

In that I cant change the views in the video right?

I can’t remember let me check for you real quick

on what application would the video be played on the drive itself or?