IF Remembering Settings

Recently I had to delete IF and re-download it. But I am having a few issues. Before, it remembered my map settings, like show terrain, and weight settings as well as weather settings. But now every time I end a flight EVERYTHING resets. What do I do to stop this?

What device, IF version, and software are you using? Also, what mode are you flying on? Live or Solo?

I am having the same problem

Device type would not matter neither would software, and I am obviously using the latest version of IF. But I am for the moment flying solo. Any ideas?

It would matter, and would be useful to the developers if this is a bug that they would need to fix

My device never remembered the settings.

Please include your device model, Infinite Flight version and software when inquiring about an IF related issue. This makes the developers jobs a lot easier than having to figure it out themselves.

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Oh, I see! Sorry, didn’t think of it that way. iPad Air and iOS 10, latest IF version, and that is pretty much it.

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IOS 10 or IOS 10 Beta?

The Latest iOS10, I only got the beta on my phone then switched to the latest when it came out.

Ok, the mods will most likely look into this soon.

I’m setting there is a mode that says remember last simulation mode. That might fix it.

I’ll test that out!

Sadly, that did not work.

That’s make you jump past the welcome screen into the mode you last used.


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