IF regularly defaults back to Cessna 172

IF continues to regularly default back to Cessna 172, requiring re-selection of desired aircraft. This bug has persisted for far too long. Can developers please fix? Thanks.


Are you talking about that you have to re-download each aircraft? I’ve seen this with the newer aircraft (CRJ’s, C130’s, DC/MD-10’s, A318-A321 Family, and B737-B738 Family)…

Or are you talking about where each aircraft on the ATC screen looks like a C172?



This happens when either the game crashes or you finish an atc session. It’s not a bug.


O, it happens regularly with aircraft already downloaded. Currently using A318.

It is a long standing bug, reported by many others before.

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This happens to me all the time. Are you sure we are dealing with a bug and it’s not intentional?

This has been an ongoing issue since global. As the Beta team moves forward with the next update I’ll be sure to resurface the issue.


Thanks for the resurfacing this report, I’ll take a look into this!

@Robert_Summers just to help me reproduce this issue on my end, does it always default back to the C172, or is it only on certain occasions?


I always have this issue I just thought that’s how FDS designed the game

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Hi Cameron. Not always, but often. I don’t see any pattern, but it seems to be happening a lot more often after the latest version. It seems to happen about every fourth or fifth time I fly. I then have to re-select the A318 and livery again. Not a major issue, but quite annoying. Many thanks for your help.

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I have noticed this. If I launch IF and select an aircraft, then close and restart the game, the aircraft selection resets back to the Cessna 172, and I have to reselect the aircraft I wish to use. Happens to me 100% of the time, on both online and solo mode. A minor inconvenience, but it would be nice if it could be fixed.


Same here. I suggest that an option be added to state: retain last airplane flown; just like start at last airport option. @Cameron


Thank you, Robert! I will look into it

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Always happens to me too. Just thought I’d chime in so you know it’s a larger issue. No big deal, but it is something that happens :)

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The behaviour now is it should revert to the last aircraft you used, but if it’s not doing it, it’s likely a bug which I am looking into


I’ve got this issue, which happens consistently every time on an iPad 2018, latest iOS and IF.

I haven’t downloaded all the aircraft like I normally do because I’m on holiday. If you’d like to discuss this further then I’m more than happy to provide feedback via PM.

I think this is just how IF works. Let’s not call it an issue but a ‘feature’ 😊

Little Cessna is the ‘default aircraft’


If it’s happening consistently, could you try reinstalling the app and letting me know if that has any effect?

Course. I’ll give it a go and get back to you shortly.

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Still occurring, not entirely positive the cause. It started after the recent update, never had the problem beforehand bud