IF Regions: Terrain maps

Fellow pilots,
When flying on Infinite Flight the dark map available to pilots can be quite disorientating. It gives you little idea as for what terrain you should expect on your flight, and if you are unfamiliar with an area (so you don’t know the terrain) it could put you off from flying there.

I have created this using the terrain maps available to ATC so that pilots can open up this topic on a separate device while flying so they can see what to expect and nice areas to fly to. This should help pilots to explore new areas and start flying from different airports instead of only the main ones. Terrain maps for pilots are expected in a future update so this should be a good option in the meantime. If your a regular controller then you may think this is pointless, but I think this will be helpful to pilots.
This is for referencing purposes.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Charlotte, NC

Chicago, IL

Denver, CO



New York


Paris, France

San Francisco

Seattle, WA

Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

Southern California

South Florida

Sydney, Australia


You won’t need this topic after the update.

But great idea & very helpful

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Dam you beat me to it!


Yeah I understand

But I can’t 100% say it would be in the next update. Plus I always use my laptop screen for extra information while flying, so this could still help. Thanks!


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Really appreciate it!, but as @Belfast_spotter and @JDE1303 said, with the new update, there will be high detailed terrain maps ;)

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@JDE1303 @anon36958260 Yes yes as I said I know its coming, but I’m not sure when the update is or if it will be in the next update and this can still be used because a lot of players use additional screens of information when flying, whether thats Appr charts, Liveflight or this could be used. Its also useful for people seeking to buy a new region to see what it looks like first

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