IF Real 737 BBJ idea

Ok so IF has their own livery on the 737 700BBJ so why don’t they get a real one (we could raise money) :)

because thats nor practical and its way way too expensive and its too expensive to run let alone buy so let them be the judge on what they do and dont

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I think other people have better things to be spending there money on people have familys to take care of pay school fees etc

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I know its just a dream of mine and I think it would be so cool if it was real right?
Agreed just what if tho

meh i mean it might be but where would you park it and how will you be able to go about in it and what about the running and servicing costs and what about pilot applications @Johnathan_Kwiatkowsk

Good idea but i dont think it’ll work

OK I get it but just to see the plane flying over your house would be amazing!

Fine can @schyllberg close this due to no one likeing my idea

its not like we hate it its just that my gut tells me that it wont be practical

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If anyone have a few hundred million dollars to spare, sure. I’ll give you my PayPal ;)