IF Randomly freezing

Hello there.

Im not sure if this is a persisting issue but this has been the second time it happened. When descending or cruising my IF freezes, and its only IF. This is how I get violations for reasons that weren’t intentionally done. It happened again today on my decent to JFK where it froze just as I turned on Vnav and left it unattended for 4-6 mins. I come back and I can hear the background but its frozen. It wasn’t that big of a deal since I only got violation 1 x2, but wasted 12hrs.

Last time it happened I was given a violation 2 which excluded me from applications for some time.

I know this might be unusual but let me know if theres any solutions. Never had this happen on any devices, especially since its high end tech. (Iphone 14 pro max)

Thanks for reading,

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