IF quits responding

Hi Guys,

After three unsuccessful attempts to fly a route that takes approximately an hour, I’m seeking advice from anyone who might know whats going on.

Every time I fly a route and my flight time exceeds 30 or so minutes, the IF app starts lagging and becoming unresponsive until suddenly the whole app crashes and the flight time and XP points I accumulated during that time are lost:(

I’m running the game on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (the newer one LOL) with more than enough RAM and storage on the device.

Any explanations or tips are greatly appreciated!


I used to get this when i have existing apps running while i play IF for 30mins-1hr and the phone becomes really hot.

Im still using my Samsung note 3 and it got better when i hold the home button, close all apps, clear memory and keep my ram below 1.4gb/3gb before starting IF on long flights.

Till this day, i religiously do that before any flight and i stopped experiencing what you did.

However if you have done everything but it still happens, im not really sure i can help you there.


I have done those things you have mentioned, especially closing all apps and making sure I have plenty of RAM.

Thank you for your feedback!

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Have you tried lowering the resolution settings? is the game still crashing then?

I have not tried that, I will do that next time and keep everyone posted.

Happened to me earlier on an iPad Air 2. The device did get warm and then the app froze. I exited and restarted and had no problem. Not sure if this helps at all but it works for me other than that.

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