IF QRA Team Tracking Thread [RECRUITING NOW]


Welcome to the tracking thread for our QRA team!

We will conduct regular events during which you can call MAYDAY until we decide if we will go 24/7 in the future!

We are also always recruiting pilots and ATC of any level to control specific incidents, fly fighter jets or refuellers or be pilots that get intercepted to help us with our training! DM myself if you are interested in joining!

Feel free to PM myself also if you want declare a MAYDAY at another time but give a bit of notice!

Event Details (details that will be the same for every event):

LOCATION: United Kingdom Sovereign Airspace (the operational area of the real QRA service)


This is (insert callsign) declaring a mayday in a (aircraft type). My nearest airport/waypoint is(insert nearest airport or waypoint). I am maintaining a ground speed of (insert ground speed) with a heading of (insert heading). I have a (emergency type) (insert as much details as possible). Destination is (insert final destination airport and country it is in).

Or for a loss of communication just say nearest airport and your callsign!

**What we respond to:**Medical Emergency/Bomb Threat/Hijacking/Loss of Communication/and more

The title will be updated everytime an event is upcoming and we will post the details!

Feel free to send me any questions you have!


Sunday Shouts (28th January 2018)

Server: Casual

Region: United Kingdom Sovereign Airspace

Time: 0900Z to 1300Z

NOTAM:We only operate within and around british airspace and will only intercept willing planes! All details are above


This sounds fun! Is this still going on?

Yes we are always active with regualar training exercises and real scenarios! Would you be interested in flying with us? Maybe even as a civy pilot? @Chris_White

Mhh I do like this. Although I am part of the VA.

This is completely seperate from my VA for now! @Goran12

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Ah okay sorry did not know.

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No problem!!!

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Hey all,

We are looking to get a few more members before we begin our first major exercise

If you are interested in joining us as a pilot, controller, coordinator or in another role then let me know on here or send me a PM and I will get back to you as soon as possible (-:

Yay I can sqwak 7500. Is this like a Vocal Emergency ATC? Do you have a discord?

Yes you can (-: @bookers4eva

I have sent you a few more details in a DM!

I’m interested in any upcoming events…


I will get back to you as soon as possible on joining up!

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