IF pro worth it?

hello/good evening I’m new to IF I’ve been playing IF free version for over a month as I’m having a lot of fun with this version I wonder if the pro version is really worth it because I’m hesitant to 'buy and I would like to have your feelings, if you like it or not if it’s more serious if it’s really realistic. here I would just like to have your opinions on the IF and if it’s really worth it because I don’t know yet if I’m going to buy it, thank you for taking a little of your time to respond to my message and I say Good theft at all.


I would definitely say I worth it


I would certainly say it’s worth the subscription. You get access to the entire globe, lots of aircraft (some highly detailed), live ATC, multiplayer, a range of 3D airports (with more being added every update) and more.

But in reality, you have to decide whether it’s worth it to you or not. Why not try subscribing for 1 month and see if it’s something you enjoy? If you don’t enjoy it, you can always cancel your subscription, no hard feelings!


Absolutely 100%. The Pro version brings a completely different flying experience, able to participate with fellow pilots, events. More realistic flying conditions. Joining a VA. It brings more variety. Get it 🇬🇧😀👍

Bit of a biased audience to asked to, seeing as most of us have subscriptions and have had them for months/years. The best way to figure it out is to try it yourself, check out 1 month and see what you enjoy. The cost is quite steep depending on what you value, and that’s something only you can answer for yourself.


Also welcome to the community. Enjoy the flight experience

Welcome to the community!

It really depends on how much you think you’ll use it, if you think you’ll be heavily active on IF go ahead and buy it!

If you don’t see yourself playing a lot or if you play other flight sims then I probably wouldn’t

But it’s really up to you!

Its for sure worth it I without a pro subscription for 3 years and just this month got a subscription and it was worth every penny.

It’s 101% worth it. You will have access to stunning terrain and will be able to fly all over the world. Not only that but also you will unlock every single plane in infinite flight and you will be able to fly with your friends in multiplayer. Because of the stats and leaderboards you unlock form pro, you can fly a lot and become the best pilot.

It is 100% worth it to me, only if you use it, if you fly once every few weeks then no.

It’s is a gazillion percent worth it

Definitely, 1000%!

You get everything on the go (portable). You get the entire world’s diversity to marvel at. You can sweat as others are lined up for take-off, witnessing how you deal with the touch down zone. You have comradery for a shared passion. You get to share replays with others of what worked and what didn’t. You can re-create nearly every aviation scenario in the world you could imagine. You can fly all available aircraft, which is a lot. You get real world weather that counts - visibility and winds. You get and can become dedicated trained human ATC.

A lot there that may be compelling.

In IF pro you can fly in multiplayer and there is ATC and a lot of aircraft

Also welcome to the community :D

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Worth every penny and more.