IF Pro subscription renewal

I was wondering if my yearly IF pro subscription will automatically renew itself, or if I’ll have to manually do it. I know that monthly auto-renews, but I’m not sure about yearly. Thanks,


Check out this guide by Chris Levet 😉

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Usually, it auto renews.
Check your in - apppurchases and it will give you more details…
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How do I get to that page though?

If you go on the AppStore and check subscriptions it will tell you what’s on auto renewal

You press the blue writing in that box.

Did you find it? Mark a post as a solution if you did.

No, I didn’t, my page looks different than the one he sent

Go on the App Store and click on the icon for your account at the top of the page. If you are on iOS follow this:

  1. Go onto the App Store and Click on the icon.

  1. You will then get to this page, click on the account informstion where the arrow is directed.

  1. You should end up on this page.

  1. Scroll down and click on the subscriptions.

  1. You should end up on this page where all subscriptions are listed which will auto renew.
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Are you on andoid? Because that may make a difference

I did do that but I can’t find the subscriptions button

And no, I’m on iOS 11

Do you have a one year subscription or one month?

One year, but it has been carried over from IF+ when that still existed

And do you have any other subscriptions?

Not that I know of- at least to my knowledge

That’s probably why it’s not showing up and as far as I’m aware only the one month subscription gets auto renewed.

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@Northwest…MaxSez: if it’s Apple don’t pull your hair out or rely on un-vetted sources. Go directly to “support.apple.com”. Everything else flyin, remember Google is your friend… or get a free copy ot the “Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge”, it’s free at faa.gov

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