IF Pro Subscription Options

I think I will be either not getting PRO at all or maybe 1-2 times in the holidays. Otherwise, I would have bought the annual sub and use PRO all the time.


Thank you for the response.

I’m still worried about this though:

I cannot have auto-renewal on my subscription because my account is tied to my parents’ debit card and I don’t have a job that can let me pay every year (again, I’m sure many of us are in the same or similar situation)

Will I be able to renew (yearly) later because I previously had a yearly subscription?

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I believe you have to have auto renewal on to continue your annual sub as once it’s canceled you can’t get it back.

Might want a confirmation from Cam though.

What i also can say is that Google Is Dropping its own taxes from 30% to 15% starting 1.1.2022 so i think the price will also change abit again

Yes, you need auto-renewal on for the subscription to renew as a yearly


For anyone who is actually concerned with this change and wants to save some money, there are workarounds to the new UI changes (which only has a 1-month option, and is basically functioning as a test):

  1. Roll back to a previous version of Infinite Flight and subscribe to the 1 year or 6 month plan
  2. Subscribe for 1 month, then change your subscription plan in the app store (which still lists all 3 options)

This is a UI change and an end (for now) to the multi-month discounts we’ve offered since starting the subscription model. It’s not a price increase. Since we implemented the subscription model, a lot has changed and improved. Pricing models change all the time (Hulu and Netflix are charging me more per month than when I signed up). Our monthly price is staying the same.


how do you roll back

There are some blogs that show you how. It’s definitely not super straightforward, but it’s doable.


Can you send a link to one of them please.

No 🙂 This isn’t something we are giving tech support on or officially supporting. Anything you do to try and get around this is up to you.


Will be doing this, 100%. Thanks Jason, that’s really helpful.

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Will be watching for it in our admin dashboard ;)


Lol, will probably get it in Christmas time so don’t get too excited. 😜

That’s comforting. So I can renew for $80/year, I just have to do it from the App Store now?

I think I’m getting a better understanding of exactly what happened :)

Thanks, Jason!

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That seems to be indefinate unfairness. Those who were lucky / rich enough to have a current annual sub going at the time the change was suddenly made, with no warning, will get an indefinate discount over everyone else?

And I’m confused now…are we saying now that the subscription options are not visible to new users (on the app) but are available on the app store after purchasing 1 month ? 🤔

From what I have read throughout the topic I think this is what’s happening:

They removed the 6 month and annual subscriptions from the Infinite Flight UI, to make it simpler for new users.

However, the subscription is not actually gone, it’s just not visible through the app. If you have a auto-renewable subscription, it will renew as planned.

For users that didn’t have a renewable 6 month or annual subscription, you can go to the App Store after purchasing a 1 month subscription and change it to a 6 month/annual.

This is what I understood. Please, correct me if I am wrong.

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I hope thats right. If so its a pity that a good explanation didn’t come out in advance, because its caused alot of disappointment


At least there’s still a way to get the 6 month/annual sub :)

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Thank you Cam and Jason for the help once again :)

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I still don’t understand how removing the two options makes it simpler. I haven’t had to buy a sub in a while, but if I remember it correctly, it should only take some simple reading and basic math skills to understand what each option means right?