IF Pro Subscription Options

Hello everyone :)

Before I say anything, I just want to let you all know that I am not trying to be aggressive or rude, I am just curious and looking for people’s opinions.

Before 21.6, when I used to play IF, I bought the 6 month subscription, as it was slightly cheaper and made more sense than the 1 month one. It was £46 if I remember correctly, for 6 months. This meant we would save around £14 every 6 months, so basically got a month and a half for free.

Now, let’s face the truth, IF is a little expensive, but I saw why, and decided it was worth it to go with the 6 month sub.

However, with 21.6, the subscription options have been reduced to only 1 month for £9.49. This meant that there would be no more yearly or 6 month subscriptions for long term users.

This made the sim quite a bit more expensive if you ask me. Right now, a user that wants to play IF for a year (Previously £74) would now have to pay over £113. This might not seem like a lot, but it’s a 52% increase.

If you ask me, this change with the subscription options make it a lot more difficult to play IF Pro for users that want to experience it for a long amount of time.

Now I get it, new features have been added, but the monthly price stayed the same, which was already relatively expensive compared to various other simulators.

The 6 month and Yearly subscription options made IF a lot more affordable if you ask me. I was thinking of coming back at some point but now I doubt I will be able to.

Total Increase
6 Month: 22%
1 Year: 52%

Does anyone know why this was changed or have an opinion about it? I want to know what you all think :)


It was a bit shocking when i first found out about it but maybe IF will bring it back in the future or reduce the 1 mpoth prices
you never know, just gotta hope for the best. ;)

as for your situation, i am sorry you cant afford to buy the 1 moth sub for a long time that was how i used to do it for some time and luckily got 1 year sub before it was removed.


I understand that it has gotten more expensive, but seeing that there are more airports, planes, liveries, etc i think it’s normal.

After all, MFS deluxe costs more than standard, as there are more airports.

What I think should be done however would be a cheaper subscription but with a ‘menu’ where you pay less, but are allowed to choose a certain amount of planes and airports of your choice to include in the sim.

For example, for €5 per month, you get to choose 5 planes and 10 airports of your choice if you see what i mean

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@tunamkol if you would like this feature to be implemented, you could create a feature request;)


It already is very expensive compared to other sims. X-Plane mobile global+all planes is £45 a year (11K 3D airports, proper lighting etc), compared to IFs £110.

Also, maybe they should have increased the app price itself instead? If PRO is gonna keep getting more expensive, it’s gonna be way too expensive in the future.

I am not trying to make this a comparison between IF and X-Plane, but I think it’s okay to see what the competitions doing as well.


MFS Premium Deluxe is less than an IF 1 Year sub… at £87.

And I don’t even want to go into the MFS vs IF comparison lmao.


I think the discussion should be kept on topic to the issue of whether an annual or six monthly option could be offered again.

The comparisons never help because there are too many variables between the products. I’d be tempted by X-Planes pricing if I had actually been able to hold an aeroplane straight on the runways or see where I was going …but those were kinda 2 fairly important things for me …😉

The longer term one off payments are attractive for those with the money all at once, giving a discount. But they risk just being gifts for the people who are already better off.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Most subscribers choose the 1-month option so we have simplified the system for new subscribers. If you are on an annual or 6-month subscription currently, that will continue.

To clarify, we haven’t increased the price of Pro since it was introduced in 2017 (any price fluctuations are due to local taxes or exchange rates).


Thanks, Cameron. I did not know that the monthly subscription was the most common.

Will there be any plans to return a longer subscription option in the future?

I also get what you mean by the price or PRO never increasing. That is true, but with the new update most people have to pay more if they want a longer subscription.

Thanks for the reply though.


I like that 😉 , that’s like when your electricity company writes to tell you your prices are “changing”. 😊.

I sort of understand your thinking though, I doubt that many users are in a position to pay the sub up front, for what essentially is a mobile game. I didn’t and I accept that I probably wouldn’t have moved from the monthly payments …

I see your point and I get it. Not comparing to anything else, £113 a year is still a lot if you ask me.

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Its a lot, yes, but I see it as a wider picture . Its not just for the actual app and the flying, its the community, events, VAs etc etc, all the extra parts that make it more a hobby, not just a game .

Its the organisation of the flying environment as a whole, IFATC etc that I see as being paid for. Thats why I believe it was right to complain vigorously when the ATC experience was reduced by the changes, because the subscription value was reduced…

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I love IF, the community, everything about it. But the price is too much for everything included if you ask me.

No worries, we try and be transparent about these things.

Right now, we’re sticking with the 1-month subscription option for new subscribers, but as with everything, we’re always iterating and there may be changes in future updates.


Each subscription plan requires a noticeable amount maintenance from our end - it’s about focusing on our main offering. We’re definitely not trying (or ever going) to be as sneaky as your electricity company :)

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Thanks for your help Cam!

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Can I just clarify something…

If you currently are a 6-month or 1-Year subscriber - will that continue even though those options are not available to new subscribers?

He already did :)


Ok thanks - I didn’t see that :)


Yearly infinite flight costs more than the base MSFS game