IF Pro Purchase Failed

Hey I need a Infinite flight personel that I can PM about subscribing my account having problems purchasing the app

Contact @Moderators

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Are you running on Android or iOS? Which phone/device are you using currently? Need more information. I don’t think you need to talk with any moderator currently.

If you do have an urge to contact any moderator, it’s best to contact the with an e-mail :

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I’m on android Samsung s8

Would you mind if you could take a screenshot of any purchase menu or subscription you are trying to get? It would make it all easier to solve the problem. You can point out the problem you currently have in the screenshot. I can help you out further on.

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There is an issue with your bank. It has no affiliation with Infinite Flight. Please contact your bank to resolve this.

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Hmmm. Yes. Seems like two topics currently have the same problem. As I said before in the previous topic this could relate on the Google Play store having problems. I’ll try and think of something. I may be back.

But thanks for the screenshot.

If you read closely it would say Card. That means it’s most likely with his bank

The card isn’t the problem because after it said cancel i use the same card to purchase a app on Google play and it was successful… so it must be the IF app because more than me one is having this problem

If it is a Bank related problem, you could subscribe to an Infinite Flight Pro subscription using a different method. There are many anyways. You don’t nessecarely have to use you Credit/Debit card.

Here are the following ways I could think of:

  • Use your PayPal account
  • Buy a Google Play Store Gift Card in most local stores
  • You can buy a subscription via Computer in their website (I think)
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Well, to help you further, what version of Infinite Flight do you currently have?

I’ll try one but I did use a master card and visa

I have infinite flight pro

No, what is your app version of Infinite Flight ( via updates and bug fixes)? It says it in the Playstore the type of version you currently have downloaded. The latest-up to-date version of Infinite Flight is 18.6 .

You do not have infinite flight pro as you are have problem getting one. You have the solo version.

Or maybe it worked.

I looked at their website and it seems like we can’t buy any subscription at their website anymore. Sadly :(

18.6 is what I have

Honestly I am trying my best to help you. These are the last points I am going to point you out that could help you.

  • Either use a different method of purchasing ( PayPal, etc. )

  • Use a different device without an Android system ( if that is the problem ) if you have one.

  • Or contact Infinite Flight Staff or mederator to discuss the problem, via message or Email at


Seems this problem is a little bit more complicated than usual. I have tried my best to help you. I hope these last points could help you at some point and good luck.

Ok thanks much appreciated