IF pro problem

I bought an if pro subscription on my mobile bill, but when I connected my community account, my if subscription disappeared

I think it’s best if you contact support@infiniteflight.com.

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This is because you signed in after making the purchase, which triggers the app to create a new account. Signing in should be done before making the purchase.

And it seems like you’ve made this purchase using either a different Google account in Play Store or are on a different platform, since the most recent purchase is not in your purchase history.

Please get back to us with the callsign for the new account that’s been created and we should be able to correct things :)


My Callsign Turkish 060

That’s for your linked account.
We need the information from the account that’s not connected.

Try “GET PRO” → “I already have an account” → “Revert to default account” if you’re unsure. That should display the account that holds the subscription, assuming you’re doing this on the device you bought it on.

My Pro subscription is back but will disappear when I link my Community account

Just get us the callsign for the account it’s showing when your subscription is showing :)

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Callsign N801QY

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Thank you!

Now please restart the app and you should be good to go :)

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