IF PRO casual server

Hello I just purchased Pro today 1 month. I flew for about an hour but I did not see anyone else online. How do I find out where other users are on. I am currently grade 1- casual server.

You look at the airspace activity and then you can see how many planes are at each airport

Where were you flying from? Maybe check out https://www.liveflightapp.com/ to get a better idea where the traffic is.

I flew from Taipei to Beijing Does the map tell you if user are online


The map Trio linked does show where most of the active users are.

You can also get an idea by looking at the airport inbound traffic table on the interface.

Mostly, most traffic will be around London, New York or Los Angeles, except in the Expert Server, where it varies.

Casual is usually not as busy as the Expert Server, so make your way up and you’ll see many more pilots!

I thought you can see on the main app game

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You can see aircraft around you in the game, but that is limited to a certain radius. Use Liveflight (liked above) to see all aircraft.

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