IF Pricing

Anyone know how much cost the Yearly Pro subscription of IF ?

If is possible in euros pls

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I believe it is $9.99/£9.49 a month. I don’t know the exact figures for the other subscriptions.

Don’t quote my Americanish.

It’s $12.99/month? I thought it was only $10/month

My monthly subscription cost 10.99 euros but im looking for the yearly sub

Yearly, I believe it is around 75

I think it’s around 90 euros

(Just a conversion of the price that I had to pay in pounds into euros)

European here: a year subscription on Infinite Flight in euros is exactly €84,99

Btw, if you’re looking for the prices you can go to the app-store and search Infinite Flight.
Scroll down and you see in-app purchases, click on that and you see everything with the price included.


Infinite Flight Pro Subscription:

1 Year: 74.99GBP/86.16EUR

6 Months: 46.99GBP/53.99EUR

1 Month: 9.49GBP/10.90EUR

With 1GBP = 1.15EUR (Current exchange rate)

The pricing in Euros may be slightly different, but that gives you a rough idea :)

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Also there is the tax on top of it and the prices will vary

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