IF_Pramana's Radar Tracking Thread - [Closed] @WADD

Radar Tracking Thread - IF_Pramana
Hey guys, this is my first Radar Thread. I’m training for Radar and want to practice what I’ve learnt in the past few weeks. I would like some feedback to improve my skill. Feel free to do some pattern work and inbounds.

Airport : WADD
Runway : 27
Server : Training
Status : Closed

This thread is approved by my trainer Mr. Waffles @Waffs

I’m open for feedbacks, feel free to write in in the comment below with your callsign!


Is ATC tracking thread and radar tracking thread the same?? I mean what is the difference

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Two different things mate, I passed my ATC test so I’m officially part of IFATC now as you can see on my profile and I still have the old Tracking thread for my IFATC preparation. ATC tracking thread used if you wanted to apply for IFATC, Radar thread used for IFATC member to gain access to control Approach, Departure and Centre. Usually ATC thread will open Ground and Tower, Radar Thread only Approach, Departure, or Centre.

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Ok fine lemme try you know I am joining in 15 mins

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My app keeps crashing I will join later

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Feedback N74YP

Heading was unnecessary I already started turn left . Altitude is fine.
Once I am turned to the correct heading again the same msg why??!?
020 heading is a bit off the runway so recommend you to keep it to the runway alignment.
Wrong runway used I asked visual approach so you should have said runway 09.
Tower is spamming me to go around because wrong runway.
Otherwise good job

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Feedback from Callsign: PH-ANS

  • Approach 1 (Visual) = Perfect execution, all commands send were appropriate as per the procedure

  • Approach 2 (GPS) = Perfect execution, all commands send were appropriate as per the procedure as well. Albeit minor differences between visual and a GPS approach, you correctly used the commands that needed to be used between the two.

  • Approach 3 (Visual but Missed Approach) = Almost a near-perfect execution again! Proper commands were used. I will be a bit picky on this since you’re training to become a radar controller and that is you were a bit slow in responding to my “Executing Missed Approach” message. In a busy airspace, you will have to be a lot quicker than that to avoid any potential conflicts but this will obviously be improved over time with the more practical training you undergo.

  • Approach 4 (GPS but Missed Approach) = This would have been another flawless execution but this is the one where I messed up personally on requesting to approach the other end of the runway (27) whilst you were already vectoring me to runway 09. That’s my bad but kudos to you for handling it well (besides the glitch you had).

  • Approach 5 (GPS / Change of Runway) = Carrying forward from the last approach, you executed the change of runways flawlessly. You got me into a right downwind immediately from the missed approach which resulted in a hassle-free approach in the end (besides the tower controller spamming).

Minor Remarks

  • You made too many heading adjustments when on downwind so that you could perfectly have me on the downwind leg of the pattern work. Just a tip, a downwind leg on a pattern work is always runway direction +/- 180 degrees depending on the direction of the downwind (in this case Runway 09 = 90 degrees + 180 = 270 degrees).
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-Main thing to note is that you should always provide an altitude for an aircraft’s initial vector instead of just a heading, which is what you did with me. I never received an altitude assignment until I was on base.

-Very close to a sep bust with vietnam airlines 001 - our spacing got down to 3nm and if you’re going to fit me behind him the speed restriction to 200 could have come a bit earlier. Might have slightly been my fault though since I didn’t realise you changed to 09 which is why I didn’t slow down earlier

-N79999 received a 20 degree intercept. Anything between 10 and 30 is technically acceptable however 30 degrees is generally the recommended one, so not too much of a biggie.

Everything else looked ok as far as I could see, tower made it very annoying for you by spamming on guards and using 09 so the sep bust i had with N79999 was out of your control

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Thanks for the feedbacks and I have something to say also since ATC and Radar not communicating and there’s no ATIS in Training server.

If you’re doing a pattern work with radar present and no tower fly runway heading until radar told where you need to go, I was trying to avoid conflict with aircraft on final that’s why I gave you heading to north.

I told you to fly North to avoid conflict but I notice you fly heading the opposite direction and going head to head with aircraft on final. that’s why I gave 2 different heading, because you deviate from my plan to put you on ILS 27.

Visual approach can be used on any runway. since traffic lands on 27 I direct you to 27

No comment on this, because it’s in the training server lol

Anyways thanks for coming by and the feedbacks, appreciate it!

Thank you for your feedback on my first tracking thread, appreciate it alot! especially with the remarks, very helpful

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Thank you for the feedback, appreciate it! Hoping to see you on another one

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No problem I might have made a mistake but please work on it.

How is that funny???

Becahse your reply like this: ?!??!!!???!!!

Hehehehe kinda funny I mean

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