IF Podcast - Thoughts?

Would the forum minions be interested in a IF Podcast completely unrelated to Flightcast?

It would be more forum based.

So I would talk more with forum members and mods than outsiders.

Just would like your thoughts.


To be honest, not really. Flightcast is enough for me.


Yes, maybe include some IF news and some news on global or new features :-)

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Thank you for your feedback.

@JRRaviation would you be interested in actually speaking on the podcast though?

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Yes of course! Just let me know some details, etc.

Wouldn’t be opposed as it’d be more hands free listening to what would hopefully be pertinent and informative subject matter while having a day. I personally like listening rather than sneaking in a quick read.

Yeah, it would be banter + news


So I see there is some interest, correct?

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Frontier VA is actually considering making their own podcast, which will obviously discuss the VA as well as the community.


Honestly, I don’t think the IF Community is big enough for two popular podcasts. However, best of luck! I’ll make sure to listen. :)


Thanks emil!

On a side note, if anyone is interested on being on the show please pm me!

Wouldn’t it be better to get that news off flightcast anyway? Your focus seems to be on community, but its the insiders (mods and devs) that would provide accurate information. Having outsiders report on news would be complete speculation.

We have plenty “fake news” and “alternative facts” on the forum as we speak. That’s just my two cents.

Mmm, sounds good. I like the idea!

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Yes but we would report what we already know.

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I see. I just feel as if it would be a regurgitation of flightcast. But best of luck!


Sounds good since FlightCast is often just based around real world operations. Very cool idea!

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Thanks all!

Currently I have two members interested in the podcast.

I was wondering, since this is a community run idea, which ones you guys would want.

  • Both members at once
  • One member at a time

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Another thing that I was wondering was if anyone would be interested in cohosting the show?

If so, please PM regarding that.


Absolutely not interested. We don’t need a podcast about forum dwellers on a video game that pretends to be a simulation that has been in development for a very long time. This isn’t star citizen.


So do you like Flightcast?

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FlightCast is good enough. I don’t think we need 2 podcasts competing for the same listeners.