IF Planespotting by Der_Mjuc

Hello guys and welcome into my little Aviation World.
My name is Der_Mjuc. I am 24 years old and an InfiniteFlight longhauler.
2020 i decidet to start a small YouTube channel and produce IF content.
I always wanted to record an InfiniteFlight spotting Video. But not in solo, where I would fly all planes and cut it to an propper video.
I wanted more, I wanted real pictues from real IF Pilots.
So I decidet to take the effort and do it. In September I have been 6 Hours at London Heathrow in IF on expert Server.
It was a very mixed experience I have to admit. Some promising Takeoffs or Incomings were announced for this day via IF tracker. Sounds nice, but sometimes the pilots truly smashed into the ground… and you waited 2 hours for that flight.
No disrespect to the pilots, I respect everyone flying around here, but I cant use every ground impact landing for the Video.
All in all its my first spotting Video! So please be honest, what do you like? What would you change?

It will be not my last Video from IF spotting.
Maybe I will drop my next time recording and spotting here.

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