IF planes Fuel

If plane fuel

(That are usually used today and how many hours they can fly)

A318 7h

A319 8h

A320 7h45

A321 9h

A330F 18h

A330 18h

A340 17h

A350 22h

A380 22h

B717 3h

B737 8h

B738 8h

B739 8h

B747 18h

B748 23h

B757 8h

B767 18h

B772 22h

B77F 17h

B7LR 18h

B773 19h

B788 21h

B789 19h

B78X 19h

CRJ-200 6h

CRJ-700 4h

CRJ-900 4h

CRJ-1000 5h

Q-400 4h

E170 3h

E175 3h

E190 6h

E195 6h

MD-11F 12h

Hope It help !


Noice stuff.


This is not correct, I’ve done 23hrs in a 787-9 with a bit of fuel leftover


So many things can lead to that. The OP is talking about the maximum amount of fuel it can carry.

Your flight made it most probably due to a very light load with good tailwinds.


Hmm, alright, but it can do a lot more than that even with normal conditions. Thanks for being one of the people who actually put in effort though, it’s well appreciated!

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Correct, however the title, hence the purpose of the topic is the Fuel capacity in hours, not the actual flight time.


Last I checked it was like 7.5hrs tank capacity.


I know I rounded them up😉


One, winds have nothing to do with fuel duration unless turbulence is a factor.

Two, the list he provided is just a list of times that gets listed in the weight adjustment screen. As stated multiple times before by mods and staff, those are rough estimates and do not actually reflect the actual duration an aircraft can fly.

Three, hardly any of these are accurate, reason stated in point 2. I have flown most of these aircraft farther than what is stated in his post and what the weight screen says. Weight, step climbing, and other flight conditions.

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1.) I never said that winds can affect fuel duration in hours. In the reply by MM, he said that his flight time was much longer than the proposed time in the settings. This is why I said and replied that many things can lead to that. West bound and east bound winds can indeed affect flight time and ground speed but not air speed. If the aircraft is experiencing tailwinds it will have a higher ground speed which results in a mildly shorter flight time. I think you misunderstood what I meant.

2.) Correct, nowhere did I say that they were not or are correct. I was replying to MM. Check my comment again please:

3.) You’re right, hence why in my reply I said “so many things can lead to that.”

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He is not giving maximum fuel it can carry. Aircraft carry fuel not hours. If it was fuel it can carry it would be in kgs or lbs not hours. He is giving duration each aircraft can travel, which as I stated clearly is inaccurate and inaccurate information offers no benefits but to confuse people.

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You’re completely right. In regards to your comment I think you should take a look at my second comment as this is where I stated the fuel in hours part.

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Are the source of the numbers driven off of the estimate that is on the fuel load screen when you do a full tank?

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Yes that’s when you fill the plane to the max

I flew A350 up to 24 hours before! With little fuel left

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You may have some back wind to push you

All these hours are IF max fuel estimation.

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No, Wind doesn’t do anything about flight time

Tailwind help you to go faster, So farther distance traveled. Let say you’re traveling at 500kts GS with tailwind 50kts then you’re traveling at 550kts GS

I flew up to 24 hours because there was no passengers and cargo on board which make an aircraft light and better efficiency


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