IF Plane spotting without having to park at the airport

Hello IFC,

Would you like to see some of the IFC users butter the bread? I do.

Today I will request a “Plane Spotting on live” Feature.
I know what your gonna say. Just use the Free Cam. Well with the Plane spotting on live you won’t have the annoying HUD In your Screenshots you would just have The plane and scenery!

If you don’t wanna fly Spotting is the best thing to do. Grade 1s will be able to spot on Expert which is pretty cool!

We could also animate the area where you stand to look like this:

If you like this VOTE FOR IT!



I like the idea, but there are already replays and interface timeouts that can do this. I would love to hear why those can’t do the job any better and this could be a great addition!


FYI you can make the HUD disappear.

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But you still have the instruments! With this you don’t have anything!

Seems to already be a topic with a similar idea.

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Yeah, close this and move it to that topic

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