IF Plane spotting @ KLAX

I couldn’t fall asleep so I opened my IPad and decided to do some Air traffic controlling at LAX for 40 minutes!

server: Training
station: Ground

I decided to do my plane spotting across the street from LAX at the public parking in lot E, right under the 25’s!

not all flights shown were flown by users to or from said location.

First up, a Korean Air A330 taking off to Seoul!

A UPS MD-11 starts up and pushes out of a remote stand near the road.

An early morning United arrives from San Francisco!

I barely catch a Air New Zealand 789, from Auckland as it roars directly overhead!

A Japan Airlines 789 taxis on to the runway with a United 757 at the gates.

An Turkish charter flight holds short while the Japan 789 blasts out of LA!

Good Morning to the beautiful Qantas 789 arriving from JFK on its way to Sydney.

Aircraft land on the 25s as it starts to get busier, Qantas vacates the runway, planes taxi around the airport.

Almost to the runway United’s!!

An Emirates A380 holds short or 25R as a United departs for Newark.

I’ll probably edit these and then post another topic.
Thanks for checking these out and tell me what was you favorite below!


Thanks for sharing! My favourite was probably the United A320 on final followed by the Qantas B787!

Wait a minute, this is training? It seems waaay to realistic!

Just kidding, amazing photos though, hope you had fun controlling the chaos!

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@8SmartFlying The training server is actually way better than before. I flew on the training server for a couple of days and the atc and pilots where both professional.


Thanks for all the kind words guys!

Also, @8SmartFlying it was actually pretty professional the whole time, we even got some one to go around!

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I loved the Qantas too! I loved trying to get the Air New Zealand though, so it’s my favorite along with the 1st one.

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i quite liked the Air New Zealand overhead shot!

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Yeah, that’s a special thing having an aircraft pass directly overhead! Once again, thanks for sharing!

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