IF Plane Spotting at SEA

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After Pick a airport and I’ll spot there in IF! (which by the way you can still put down your Airport) We will go down one by one down to the last airport, Third airport on the list is SEA, recommended by @The_Real_Plane_Spott .

1.Icelandair B752, KEF-SEA, FI472
2.British Airways B789, SEA-LHR, BA34
3.Alaska A320, SFO-SEA, AS1189
4.Delta A359, SEA-ICN, DL164
5.Delta B739, ANC-SEA, DL829
6.Cargolux B748, SEA-ORD, CV125
7.Alaska B739, ANC-SEA, AS92
8.Delta A333, SEA-JFK, DL308
9.Qatar B77W, DOH-SEA, QR720
10.Alaska B739, SEA-SFO, AS766

I hope you enjoy!


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Is that a good thing or bad thing?


When and what is the next airport your spotting at?


ehhh its in the middle


check the link he hast sequenced the airports in order

The next airport is Mumbai

When are you spotting there

ok go to the link above that will give you your information just go till it says mumbai!

Sorry for the word, I meant to say “shot” not what I did say, ignore 🥴

My favourite shot, nice job!

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Thanks, I hope you enjoy the rest!