IF Plane Spotting at ORD

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I was ORD in IF and I happen to get some pictures.

1.Emirates B77W, ORD-DXB, EK128
2.EVA Air Cargo,B77F, ORD-ANC,BR2800
3.Virgin Atlantic,A333,ORD,LHR,VS1


Please let me know what you think about these pictures.

I think these are nice pictures and I love Emirates


Thanks, I hope enjoy more I will post on here.

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Woah those are some nice angles. Was it after takeoff?

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Yes, aircraft at ORD do that.

Let me know what airports I should do Next!

And Aircraft.

maybe LPMA? or EGLC?

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Ok you might see one of those stay tuned.

EGLC is the next airport for spotting.

Love it!!!

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Thanks alot!

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No problem!